Our impact

Bottles NOT consumed

YEAR Public
Refill Stations
Refill Stations
Events TOTAL
unconsumed plastic bottles
from July 2017 202.703 7.875 77.700 288.278
2018 * 858.109 1.323.000 250.000 2.431.109
2019 * 1.508.109 2.313.000 275.000 4.096.109
* Estimated in March 2018

Public Refill Stations:
Public refill stations are defined as Cleanwave stations that feature on the Cleanwave App, and where the public have access to refill their bottles. Including restaurants, bars, shops, businesses, yoga and fitness studios.

Private Refill Stations:
Private refill stations are set up in private spaces where staff and/or guests have access to water, but the refill station is not open to the public. Including private offices, sports centres, hotels and restaurants, who have set up a refill station for their staff.

Water refill solutions provided at once off events, including private as well as public events. These include corporate events, public festivals, sports events and beach cleaning/awareness events.

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