Schools Program 'Plastics Fora'

Guiding our children towards a future free of single-use plastics!

In all the workshops we have carried out so far, the children were absolutely fantastic, excited, and extremely interested in ways to help!

You can help them too to be the change by sponsoring our schools program; or if you are interested in having this program take place at your children's school, get in touch with us:

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In October 2018, Cleanwave launched its educational schools program 'Plastics Fora' in public and private schools.

The implementation of these school workshops is fundamental in creating change, as this younger generation is the first that will grow up with the problem of plastics and will be responsible for finding solutions in the future. Their awareness is essencial to change our consumption behaviours and establish the foundations of a well informed society. 

Primary Schools:

Using a beautifully illustrated children's story book, we have established a three-part children's workshop that teaches children about plastic, its impact and how they are the solution for the future.

The workshop includes: open discussion introduction, followed by a storytelling narrative. Thereafter an audio-visual screening that sets the scene for an interactive game and role-play exercise, which stimulates the emotional and sensory experience of plastic, its impact on the environment and animals, and how each child can be responsible for his/her own actions. The workshop closes with giving the children time to reflect and draw a picture of what they have learned, or give expression to anything that has impacted them. Each child is given a story book as a gift to take home, to share the message with their siblings, parents and friends. 

Duration is about 60-90 minutes. The drawings will be integrated into an exhibition at the end of the school year.

Secondary Schools:

The interactive schools program "Plàstics fora" for secondary students has the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness among young people of the islands of the need to get involved to help
  • to reduce single-use plastics
  • Encourage activities that help young people realize that they can find solutions
  • Offer the possibility of participating in events and activities as volunteers
  • Train students to participate in the search for solutions to environmental problems
  • Help students understand the problem of single-use plastics

The activities of the program for high school are:

  • Presentation of the association.
  • Documentary screening 'Out of Plastic', 20 min version.
  • Creative workshop "to create a different world you must first imagine it".

In this workshop the students create a character that develops and executes an idea to reduce plastics in the sea.



Workshops carried out so far at the following schools:

CEIP Els Tamarells
Escola Global
CEIP Son Canals
CEIP Anselm Turmeda/la vileta
CEIP Virgen del Carmen
CEIP Son Quint
Pilar de la Mola Formentera
Gaspar Sabater Palmanyola
CEIP Son Canals
Sant Vicente de Paul
Mata de Jonc
Alexandre Rossello CEIP
San Josep Obrer
Nau Escola
Sagrado Corazón
Sagrado Corazón
IES Politécnic
IES Estacions
Pare bartomeu Pou CEIP(Algaida)
Aula Balear
Es Rafal Vell

Numbers of kids reached: 2.076 in 45 workshops

(March 2019)





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